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Volkswagen Scirocco TUNE IT! SAFE! Concept

Volkswagen Scirocco

The TUNE IT! SAFE! program is an initiative by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, the VDAT (Association of German Car Tuners) and Messe Essen (Essen trade fair company) and is held in conjunction with the Essen Motor Show every year, which for 2008 is coincidentally this month.

According to the organizers, German car enthusiasts spend as much as 4.4 billion Euros every year to modify their cars! There is of course safe tuning and modification with proper tested and proven accessories and there is of course inferior, inexpensive pirated copies of products. In fact, you could even call aftemarket HID kits which are not really engineered to point its beam properly as an unsafe modification.

Every year the TUNE IT! SAFE! program has prime examples of good and safe modification on display and this year there is this nice police-liveried Volkswagen Scirocco you see here. Look for more photos of it after the jump.
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