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Middle East drifting daredevils go beyond the bounds of sanity... in family sedans

As a genre, automotive reporters have seen (and done) a little flattering foolish things done in a little flattering foolish cars. Collectively, we've been airborne in more vehicles than have been value counting, roasted sufficient tires to have Al Gore weep, as well as in all done asses of ourselves upon closed-course manufacturer lane days. It's a difficult job, though someone has to do it.

Surprisingly, all of that irrationality has been eclipsed by a efforts of a couple of dynamic motorists in a Middle East. If a comments upon YouTube have been to be believed, a drivers as well as passengers in a slew of workaday family sedans in a video after a burst have been participating in something called hajwalah, wherein drivers chuck their vehicles into an extended trip prior to eventually correcting as well as stability along their way. We've seen videos similar to this prior to out of a Middle East, as well as we're grateful this a single didn't finish in a crackup as well as carnage a way a little others do.

Crazy drivers can be found a world over, as well as normally, many aren't value talking about. A couple of things have been important about this particular video, however. For one, a guys behind a wheel have been kicking their vehicles around in what looks similar to full trade in front of dump trucks as well as beside propagandize busses. For another, nothing of them appear to be wearing seat belts. Finally, there's a smattering of small arms fire from open car windows during a same time.

We're nearly without a words to convey just how foolish this kind of pushing is, though even you have to say, you didn't know that common family-toting iron similar to a Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata as well as Toyota Camry could be pushed to such ludicrous trip angles – during least with such repeatability. Hit a burst to see for yourself.

Watch this Ferrari Enzo splash into the Atlantic at 2011 Targa Newfoundland

Many of we have been following a 2011 Targa Newfoundland here upon Autoblog, what with a own Zach Bowman competing. Perhaps we were astounded to find out which rare supercars similar to a Maserati MC12 as well as a Ferrari Enzo had entered a demanding race.

Unfortunately, a Enzo has bent out early after taking a spin for a worse when it mislaid control as well as pacifist in to a Atlantic Ocean off a coastal road. The Enzo was piloted (and owned) by Zahir Rana, who additionally owns ZR Auto outlandish automobile dealership. Ferrari produced 400 Enzos, as well as of them, Rana's was one of a fastest which road-legal after being mutated to similar specifications as an FXX. It was tuned in Germany to broach a bewildering 850 horsepower as well as held a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds.

We were able to get a couple of discerning glimpses of a Enzo with Rana as well as his navigator, Roland Linder, heading for a sea thanks to Kia Canada. Kia is additionally entered in a race as well as was watchful in expectation for their Forte Koup to come around a same hook in a road.

Rana has posted a video, which we can find after a jump, which clearly states his disappointment, though additionally his logic as well as thoughtfulness upon what happened. He really has a right mindset, explaining how things similar to this happen in racing as well as he is propitious which he as well as his teammate were left unscathed in a incident. He additionally makes a indicate to sadly say, "It's only a car, it's not a big deal."

We agree wholeheartedly with Rana, though by a same token, having a incident happen to a automobile now valued during $1.5 million is similar to throwing salt upon a wound of enthusiasts as well as automobile insurance adjusters everywhere.

Follow a jump to see a harmful video of Rana's Enzo entrance down a mountain as well as alighting in a ocean, along with a walk-around video of a automobile before a Targa Newfoundland began.

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Frankfurt: Maserati Kubang is Italian for SUV

"For the small reason SUVs currently never appear to suggest the kind of fortifying pushing wish as well as oppulance ambience which are two givens of today's high-end sports as well as oppulance cars."

So says Maserati, as well as yet we're utterly sure rivals like Porsche, BMW as well as even Maserati's own sister-brand, Jeep, would take offense to the claim, you feel inclined to point out which the really inlet of the SUV – aloft ground clearance, seating position as well as the successive aloft center-of-gravity, to name only the single – makes them less suitable for the kind of "driving pleasure" we'd in all associate with Maserati. But you digress.

What you have here is Maserati's take on the reward sport application vehicle, as well as the Italian automaker promises it heralds the coming of the new product line. Maserati claims which the Kubang's "style, engine, suspensions, brakes, handling as well as opening will all be 100% Maserati in picture-perfect smoothness with the brand's core values of sportiness, style, elegance, luxury, opening as well as craftsmanship."

We hope all which is true, as well as during slightest the powerplants sound enticing. According to the Italian company, the new era of exclusive engines are being written in Modena by Paolo Martinelli, who previously outlayed thirty years during Ferrari as well as the Scuderia factory racing team, as well as they'll be built in Maranello by Ferrari. Expect which engine to be mated to an eight-speed involuntary gearbox.

Keen fans of the code might recollect which this isn't the first Kubang seen from Maserati. Way behind in 2003 during the Detroit Auto Show, the Trident code showed off an SUV in conceptual form which common the same moniker. We think this the single looks the fair bit better, yet it's still the rather oddly shaped small duckling.

Nothing else is yet well known about the Kubang, though we'd expect it to steal liberally from the Jeep tools bin, as well as there have been most indications which it will expected even hurl down the Toledo, Ohio same assembly line as the Grand Cherokee. In any case, have the great demeanour during the Kubang in all the rather funky glory in our high-res gallery of live images, as well as feel giveaway to peruse the press recover after the break.

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Ferrari 458 Italia named MT's best driver's car of 2011, participates in 11-way exotic drag race

Today, Motor Trend announced a winner of a 2011 Best Driver's Car competition. The Ferrari 458 Italia took a top honors, violence out a alternative 10 cars in a field. The annual roundup takes in to account several factors, including lapping during California's Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, instrumented testing and street driving.

Interestingly, a 458 Italia didn't have a quickest lap time, nor did it jot down a most appropriate straight-line numbers. A Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a Z07 suspension package and hardly street-legal tires managed a blistering 1:34.43 second lap during Laguna Seca, violence a 458 Italia by scarcely dual seconds. The 458 Italia also fell short of winning a acceleration tests, losing out to a 2012 Nissan GT-R and a all-wheel-drive.

So because did it win? You'll have review a full essay over during, or hit a burst to see a video of all eleven contenders draw towards competition simultaneously during a El Toro Marine base.

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Motor Trend 2011 Best Driver's Car Competition

2011 Italian Grand Prix put the pedal to the metal [spoilers]

Over a last 5 years, four different drivers have won a Italian Grand Prix. All of them were on a grid for this year's race. In fact, if you go behind for ten, a only Monza winner who isn't still in F1 is Juan Pablo Montoya, long given over for a heavier machines and banked ovals of NASCAR. There's just something about a lane just outward of Milan which puts champions in their slit and beckons them behind again, year after year.

So, who would win this year? Would Michael Schumacher notch up his sixth win during Monza? Would Rubens Barrichello strike all a odds to win his fourth? Would Alonso or Vettel rack up their third? Or would you see a brand new winner altogether? Follow a burst to find out.

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2011 Italian Grand Prix

Horacio Pagani shows eGarage the key to a Huayra

When your supercar approaches a seven-figure operation cost range, we expect everything to wow you. Most automakers get ahead this attainment except in a couple of small details, one of that is a really tool we use to move your powerful engine to life: a key. Horacio Pagani didn't overlook this detail when bringing his Huayra in to a world, as well as a automobile comes with a pass that's nearly as cold as a machine it plugs into.

Composed of a same aluminum as a wheels upon a Huayra, a Pagani pass is a miniature indication of a vehicle. The pass splits in to two halves, one of that is used in a ignition while a other has a USB hang to hold song for a audio system.

horacio pagani shows egarage a pass to a huayraThe supercar-loving lads from held up with Mr. Pagani at Pebble Beach, where they were given a discerning overview upon a key. They captured it upon video, as well as we can check it out by clicking past a jump.

Thorium lasers could make nuclear cars a reality

We'll be honest. The future hasn't utterly incited out similar to we expected. While Saturday-morning cartoons betrothed us a universe in which our fantasy-powered flying bubble cars would conveniently origami themselves in to easily-transportable briefcases, reality has been a bit slower to abandon a normal internal-combustion model. But which might eventually change. Scientists during research-and-development organisation Laser Power Systems are operative on a new turbine electric generator of electric power complement powered by a thorium-based laser. If, similar to us, we spent a infancy of chemistry class studiously analyzing a bulb of your eyelids, we might not stop which thorium is a mildly hot steel with an atomic weight of 90.

That's right, kids. We're talking about a nuclear-powered car. Please insert unsound giggle track.

The principle is fairly simple. The thorium would be lased to beget heat, which would afterwards furnish steam in a closed-loop system. That steam would afterwards energy a generator of electric power to furnish electricity. Since it only takes a skinny piece of aluminum foil to defense a universe from a weak thorium radiation as well as a element can't be weaponized, it's suspicion to be undiluted for mobile energy generation.

Scientists say which just eight grams of thorium could be sufficient to energy a vehicle for somewhere around 300,000 miles of driving. If this all sounds a small far-fetched, it might compensate to recollect which thorium is already on automakers' radar. Cadillac introduced a thorium-powered World Thorium Fuel Concept during a 2009 Chicago Auto Show.

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Video: Take a virtual lap of the Baltimore Grand Prix circuit

The IZOD IndyCar series has released a computer-generated simulation of a discerning path around a Baltimore Grand Prix circuit. With a prolonged behind straight, drivers should be means to ratchet their machines up to a blistering 180 miles per hour prior to shedding all which speed for an sudden right. With zero banking as well as all of a unpleasantries which come along with racing opposite uneven, bumpy public streets, a course should suggest copiousness of challenges for teams as well as their drivers. Turn 3 offers a 180-degree hairpin as well as what could be a most appropriate place to pass upon a track. Drivers who stop late as well as lift speed by a spin will mount a possibility during picking up position.

Turns five, six as well as 7 start in discerning succession as a course darts behind as well as forth by Baltimore, upping a odds which during slightest one race horse will pick up a little concrete upon a way in to a some-more technical section from a 120 mph straight. The total course promises to suggest copiousness of action once a mottled flag drops this week end upon Sunday, Sep 4. Hit a burst to check out a video.