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NASCAR pastor's prayer gets the Songify treatment

Talk about gilding a lily – only when you suspicion a pastor's request during final weekend's NASCAR competition during Nashville Superspeedway couldn't get any better, someone has found a way to do it.

In box you longed for it, Pastor Joe Nelms of a Family Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee, delivered a rousing invocation final weekend before a Nationwide Series competition got underway, thanking God for everything great in this universe from Roush as well as Yates entrance together to his smokin' prohibited wife.

Now some great folks with an iPhone app have turned his request in to a song. We disbelief it'll be replacing any of a usual hymns down during a local parish, though you might have only found our new ringtone. Boogity boogity boogity, follow a burst to watch a video.

Subaru WRX... official escape vehicle of the zombie apocalypse?

What's some-more fun than using by a five-kilometer barrier march in a woods? Running by a five-kilometer barrier march in a woods... whilst being chased by zombies!

The event is called Run For Your Lives, as well as whilst it doesn't essentially involve, we know, "real" zombies (which fortunately usually exist in movies – we think), it does a subsequent best thing. Participants pick a trail by a woods, littered with man-made obstacles, with a dwindle belt tied 'round their waists. They've got to run a distance, strike a obstacles as well as avoid loosing their "health flags" to a legions of make-believe zombies chasing after them.

The first such event is scheduled for Oct 22 in Baltimore, with some-more locations to follow. So what does this have to do with cars, we ask? Well, it's got zombies, so what some-more excuse do we need? It also happens to be sponsored by Subaru, that is office building an promotion campaign around it, billing a go-anywhere-and-fast Impreza WRX as "The central shun vehicle of a Zombie Apocalypse".

Cute, but when pull comes to shove, there substantially aren't many vehicles we'd take over a WRX if we were, we know, essentially being chased by a brain-hungry undead. What would we pick? Share your opinion in a Comments territory below as well as follow a jump to watch a video.

Motorcycle-on-motorcycle crash footage will make you cringe

As most as you hate to admit it, there's a reason ER staffs call motorcyclists "organ donors." Bikers as well as knee-draggers have a lot some-more to watch out for out upon a open road... as well as a lot some-more during stake if they don't. That mostly comes down to cars, trucks, pedestrians as well as even roadside obstacles. But once in a while, that approaching risk is an additional motorcyclist.

In a video after a jump, a supplement who goes (in strong tribute to a drudge in Short Circuit) by a handle Johnny5 was riding his Suzuki GSX-R sport bike upon The Snake – a notoriously curvy widen of highway nearby Los Angeles. Johnny5 was doing alright until an oncoming supplement low-sided it as well as skidded straight in to him.

Fortunately, Johnny5 was reportedly alright after a crash, but his bike was a sum write-off. Follow a burst for a cringe-worthy footage.

Pastor's invocation at NASCAR race has 'em rollin' in the aisles

Make no mistake about it, ladies as great as gents: The South is NASCAR country. It only additionally happens to run clean through the Bible Belt. And if you had the nickel for each time you saw racin' as great as Jesus crossing paths, well... we'd have ourselves the total bunch of nickels!

NASCAR races mostly start with the small request delivered by the internal pastor, thanking the Good Lord for this, that as great as the other. But this priest is something else. Joining the tone guard from the U.S. Army recruiting battalion during the Nashville Superspeedway for the Federated Autoparts 300 this past weekend, Pastor Joe Nelms of Family Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee, thanked the Creator for all great in NASCAR... as great as the few some-more things, whilst he was during it.

Trust us, watch this video after the burst as great as you'll be the believer.

Video: Fifth Gear pits BMW M3 GTS against Porsche 911 GT3 RS

We go on to live in what is arguably a most appropriate time for a automobile in history. If you need proof, look no further than German bruisers like a BMW M3 GTS as well as a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The high-horsepower, high-performance coupes have been similarly wicked, as well as a crew from Fifth Gear motionless to sort out which of those racers is a most appropriate bang for a buck. In a recent episode, Tiff Needell championed a Porsche as well as Vicky Butler-Henderson carried a BMW banner.

The dual cars were thrown in to a series of tests, together with a drift-off as well as a lap battle. Which came out on top? We won't spoil a outcome for you. Hit a jump to check out a video for yourselves.

Video: BMW looks back at the sultry 3.0 CSI coupe

E9. No, we haven't sunk your battleship. We only wanted to remind you of one a biggest BMW models ever. BMW wants to jog your memory, too, which is why it put together a short video documenting a E9's history, with a specific concentration on a 3.0 CSi.

bmw 3.0 csiApproximately 8,359 examples of a stylish two-door were built from 1971 through 1975. The car's fuel-injected 3.0-liter inline 6 constructed 200 horsepower, enough giddyup to propel a CSi down a highway during 140 miles per hour. Click past a jump for a closer demeanour during this BMW icon.

Report: Gordon Murray's Batmobile crashes during show rehearsal [w/video]

Gordon Murray can design a Batmobile, though he can't learn a Dark Knight how to drive it. Murray's latest automobile was combined for a new Batman Live show, a stage prolongation that tells a story of how Batman and Robin came to team up. Murray's take upon Bruce Wayne's iconic float plays a major role... during an early live rehearsal, that purpose included crashing into a Bank of Gotham set piece.

There were no reports of any injuries, and a stand-by Batmobile was ready to fill in. Batman Live will make a way stateside later this year. In a meantime, at least one Batmobile is currently undergoing repairs in a Bat Cave.

Click past a mangle to see some video of Murray's Batmobile being unveiled.

Video: Motorcyclist runs from Bridge to Gantry in 7:26 blast around the Nurburgring

We've seen most cars take upon Germany's famed Nürburgring, as well as it seems that automakers a universe over enjoy regulating a Green Hell as a torturous test bed for new products. Drivers try to plunge into thirteen miles as well as 154 corners as quickly as possible. Cracking a 10-minute symbol means you're not wholly ham fisted. Want to go even faster? Things start to get exponentially more difficult, though a world's fastest production sports cars run in a low- to mid-seven-minute range.

on-board camera nurburgring runHow do a two-wheeled folk smoke-stack up?

Not as well it seems, thanks in partial to a rough surface as well as sundry paving materials. That doesn't mean motorcyclists can't lay down considerable path times, as well as one unknown person in particular motionless to see only how fast they could go.

Despite a traffic upon a road, this learned supplement ripped off a rsther than considerable path time. Starting a time during a bridge, a time was stopped during a gantry only 7 minutes as well as 26 seconds later. Click past a jump to check out a video.