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Video: Making the best of it by jet-skiing through the streets after Irene

Hurricane Irene was an impressive charge by every measure. Despite losing a small of a ferocity before creation landfall, a complement brought torrential rains to parts of a country which were already pang from severely saturated soil. As a result, widespread flooding occurred up and down a easterly coast. One enterprising essence in Oceanside, NY motionless to have a most of a incident by receiving his jet ski out for a small romp down Lawson Boulevard.

Now, we should substantially take a moment to point out which personification in flood H2O is all sorts of dangerous. Besides viewable threats like hidden currents, obstacles and fluctuations in depth, floods also container all sorts of germ cleared up from septic and cesspool systems. Yummy.

Even so, it looks like this guy is carrying a explosion in his own personal H2O world. Hit a jump to take a look at a video for yourself, and be certain to cruise promulgation donations to a American Red Cross or service organization of your choice.

Video: Action! 2012 Porsche 911 stars in its first official moving picture

The 2012 Porsche 911 has made it's virtual universe debut by way of spec sheets, pricing report as well as still photography, as well as now, there's video. Porsche has pulled behind a wraps on a ultimate two-door icon, as well as this video will most expected be a initial of many showing off a iconic coupe. There's not much to contend about this initial central video, however, as it's light on any sum alternative than ones designed to conflict your senses.

Visual as well as aural delights have been waiting only after a jump.

2012 porsche 911The clip will have to do until we can get up close as well as personal with a car when it hits a theatre at a 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Until then, check out a video as well as a image gallery.

Video: Aussie racer objects to track conditions by... taking over?

The man graphic on top of is Phil Ward. He is the former pro Touring Car motorist who was desirous by the American Legends as well as proposed the Aussie Racing Cars series. These are scaled-down imitations of popular racecars found in the V8 Supercars series, powered by turbocharged 1.2-liter twin-cam Yamaha motors. That indent is interconnected with the sequential primer transmission, as well as the complete concept seems similar to it would equal about as much fun as we can have with 125 horsepower.

But that's not what we're here to speak about. Before the begin of the new race in Queensland, Ward apparently wasn't happy with the track conditions. Rather than lay as well as wait for officials to do something about it, Ward ran his Aussie Racing Car to the front of the grid, hopped out as well as told officials to check the start. We guess if we own the series, we can do things similar to that.

phil ward delays begin to aussie racing cars eventuality queenslandStill, the delayed begin scarcely caused serious issues for those drivers finishing their warm-up laps. Click past the burst to see Ward check the race, as well as the resulting (almost) carnage. Also, compensate tighten courtesy towards the finish of the video to get an idea of the scale of cars being raced. Either they are which tiny, or the Porsche Panamera gait car is enormous. (Okay, so may be it's the bit of both...)

Video: The Road to Targa Newfoundland, Part 2: Flyin' Miata gets the documentary treatment [w/video]

We're pretty soft with a Flyin' Miata story during Targa Newfoundland, as well as not just since they offered us a chair in their supercharged Grand Touring Class entry. Husband as well as wife group Keith as well as Janel Tanner managed a 16th place finish in their 1994 Mazda MX-5 Miata in a event back in 2008, as well as this year, they're entrance to a quarrel with a fire-breathing V8 conversion during their disposal. The story is interesting sufficient to have snagged a ear of a filmmaker who wants to bring a Tanner story to a rest of a world.

Adam Costa has jumped onto a Flyin' Miata wagon for a long highway to a checkered flag, as well as he's proposed a Kickstarter project to help fund a endeavor in hopes of being able to bring along an additional cameraman. You can donate anything from one dollar all a approach up to $2,000 for various 'thank you' gifts, including an executive producer pretension in a movie itself. A more in accord with $50 concession will land you a DVD duplicate of a film. Having had a wish of saying Costa's work in Speed Science for a Science Channel, you do not consider we'll be disappointed. Hit a burst to check out a trailer for yourself as well as cruise over to Kickstarter for a look during a project.

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Tom Cruise test drives F1 car at Willow Springs

"I'm not a doctor, but we play a single upon television." If which line sounds familiar from aged radio commercials featuring soap opera stars in white coats, bear in thoughts which a thesis extends far over a records of feign medicine. People get churned up between actors as well as a characters they play all a time.

Tom Cruise, for example, has driven all sorts of vehicles upon a silver screen, from cars to motorbikes to speed boats, often pulling off perceptibly believable stunts as well as feats in a process. But how most of which comes down to camera cunning as well as special effects, as well as how most can be chalked up to tangible driving talent?

We got a pretty good answer when Cole Trickle himself set a path record (however short-lived) upon Britain's Top Gear, but Cruise wasn't about to stop there. So while David Coulthard as well as a Red Bull demonstration group were Stateside for a show in Texas, they met a Hollywood mega-star out in Southern California to let him try his hand during driving an Formula One car.

The seven-hour exam during Willow Springs started in a road car, where Coulthard as well as Cruise gathering a 2.5-mile lane to get a feeling for a blueprint before a Mission: Impossible star climbed into a F1 automobile for 24 laps. At a end of a day, Cruise managed a tip speed of 181 miles per hour – just 4 mph off of DC's trap speed – while scrubbing 11 seconds off his initial path – a marked improvement which left Coulthard tender during Tom's skills.

Stay tuned for video footage when it's released as well as check out a central snapshots in a gallery for a closer look.

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Tom Cruise F1 test

KTM X-Bow gets a roof, thinks it's a Stratos [w/videos]

If we skip the classical wedge shape of the Lancia Stratos, there are the couple of things we can do about it. You could buy yourself the vintage example, which will set we behind the pretty penny. Or we could have Pininfarina set up we the single formed upon the Ferrari F430, as well as run the risk of legal action from Maranello. Or we could buy the KTM X-Bow as well as bring it to the creative folks during Montenergy.

The Italian carrozzeria has grown the physique kit for the Dallara-built carbon-fiber chassis called the Stratosferica which gives it the demeanour of the Stratos with the doing of the Austrian motorbike company's four-wheeled lane monster. The conversion will set we behind 12,000 euros (around $17,300 USD), but the easier metal cover addition called the Monte Carlo is additionally available as well as will take we many of the approach there for less cash.

KTM X-Bow StratosfericaAn engine upgrade is additionally available to progress the Audi-sourced TFSI 4 from 237 horsepower up to 310, which just sweetens the deal to the downright mouthwatering degree. Check it out in the galleries, or watch the span of easy video clips after the jump.

Woodward: Woodward 2011: Muscle cars light the fires at the Dream Cruise

Let there be no doubt: Classic American flesh cars have been a bread as well as butter of a Woodward Dream Cruise. And why not? These machines hearken behind to a time when horsepower was king, nameplates similar to Mustang, Camaro, GTO as well as Charger first proposed rolling off a tongue as well as Detroit was during a forefront of a automotive world.

That said, we've beheld an engaging trend over a last several years. Modern flesh is making up a more poignant portion of a festivities than ever before, a actuality we can certainly charge to a rise in quality as well as performance of today's stand of high-horsepower offerings. Naturally, you'll see copiousness of Detroit flesh from a 1960s true upon by today in this gallery from a 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise.

We'd similar to to take a moment to insist our definition of flesh cars. We're often slicing Detroit's history into dual segments: classics as well as muscle, regulating 1964, a initial year of a seminal Pontiac GTO, as a dividing line. Two seats, four seats or five; dual doors or four; complicated or selected – these have been a cars that place straight-line performance above all else... as well as we love 'em for it.

We went ahead as well as labeled each vehicle, but if we're off by a year or dual upon a little of them, we swallow ones pride in advance to all we hardcore flesh car enthusiasts out there... With all that in mind, enjoy a gallery!

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1972 Oldsmobile 442

Video: Crazy hit-and-run on UK police car captured by dashcam

Police in Surrey, England had a close call recently. A driver in a BMW ran what looks to be a roadblock, striking a Volvo military automobile before coming to a stop against a traffic barrier. An military officer station during a back of a unit car was additionally struck as well as thrown as a result of a collision. Miraculously, a policeman not only appears to have escaped harm, it would appear he essentially had a presence of thoughts to aspire to a fleeing driver on foot. According to a Associated Press, a perpetrator was later apprehended after a short chase. There's no word on exactly how far under a local penitentiary they plan on burying a guy.

The clip is a great e.g. of only how dangerous bland military work can be, especially when indeterminate drivers are involved. Hit a burst to check out a remarkable dashcam video for yourself... as well as recollect to give your local law coercion some space subsequent time you see them on a side of a road.