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Review: 2012 Shelby GTS

2012 Shelby GTS

By Drew PhillipsRSS feed

Posted November 10th 2011 11:57AM

Email ThisCommentsAddBringing The Shelby Name To The Masses

2012 Shelby GTS

The Shelby name doesn't come cheap. Vintage Shelby Mustangs as well as Cobras can authority six or infrequently even 7 figure sums. The current Shelby offerings have been much cheaper – a GT350 is labelled around $70,000 whilst a Ford-built GT500 is a small less costly with a bottom cost just reduced of $50,000 – although we still wouldn't cruise them receptive to a normal guy with a mortgage as well as 2.5 kids.

Shelby sees which as a problem. The majority of a customers have been a people who craved a GT500 or Cobra behind when they were kids in a 1960s. Those customers have been removing older, as well as similar to most other automakers, Shelby has motionless to strech out to younger buyers. At a New York Auto Show earlier this year, Shelby announced a GTS, a new indication written to be receptive to a masses. The GTS would be available in both V6 as well as V8 form and, with a package cost of $9,995, could be had for less than $33,000 in bottom form. "It's a car which reaches a younger customer whilst acknowledging a mercantile realities of our times," said Shelby American boss John Luft during a time.

We have to wonder, though. Are younger buyers meddlesome in buying a Shelby Mustang? Will people actually buy a Shelby with a V6? We directed to find out for ourselves as well as picked up a V6 indication in Race Red with White Le Mans stripes during Shelby's facility in Gardena, CA for a week-long test.
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Report: New details suggest evolutionary C7 Corvette, no split window

New details indicate evolutionary C7 Corvette, no separate window

By Chris ShunkRSS feed

Posted Nov 9th 2011 11:30AM

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We're as vehement as anyone to see the next-generation Corvette, even if it is still the couple of years off. But whilst the C7 'Vette isn't slated to arrive until 2013 as the 2014 model, it hasn't stopped the rumormill from pumping out furious speculation. We've listened all from the separate back window pattern to the turbocharged V8 engine, but according to GMInsideNews, it's all the bunch of baloney.

GMI reports which the pattern of the next Corvette will be more evolutionary than revolutionary. This equates to which the new car won't underline the customary separate window, as well as the publication's inside sources won't endorse an optional split-window, either. GMI additionally reports which the rumored 5.5-liter V8 expected won't happen. Instead, word around the Interwebs is which the Corvette's base engine will still be the tried-and-true 6.2-liter V8. To no one's surprise, the mid-engine layout rumor – something which has never been corroborated to proceed with – has additionally been debunked.

But enough of what won't happen: GMI sources do exhibit which the pattern of the C7 'Vette will be European in nature, as well as the interior will receive the major – as well as much needed – overhaul. Materials are said to receive the bigtime update, as well as the Corvette's infotainment complement will embody the large LCD arrangement in the sign cluster. Several sources have additionally claimed which the 2014 Corvette will underline the seven-speed manual transmission for improved fuel economy.
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Review: 2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring

2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring

By Chris ShunkRSS feed

Posted November 8th 2011 11:57AM

Email ThisCommentsAddMeaningful Updates Rekindle A Once Top Competitor

2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring

If you woke up currently hoping to review a minivan review, then it's your lucky day. We know which shifting doors as well as third-row seating aren't a most exciting traits, but a minivan needs love, too. In fact, a complete minivan shred was all but ignored for scarcely a decade as automakers responded to a heated clamoring for some-more sport utility vehicles as well as crossovers. The good news is a minivan is back, as well as each option in a shred has been completely redesigned or updated inside of a past dual years, together with a Chrysler Town & Country.

Chrysler is, of course, a company which invented a modern minivan. But while Team Pentastar can lay claim to being a segment's father, many soccer moms as well as dads have long since migrated to a Honda Odyssey as well as Toyota Sienna. In fact, while a Town as well as Country emerged as last year's best-selling minivan, it won't repeat which feat this year. Its sales so distant this year are during a back of both a Odyssey as well as Sienna, a latter of which may be a brand new best-selling minivan if a Dodge Grand Caravan doesn't finish up strong.

Why has a Town as well as Country slipped? The competition's fresher designs as well as aloft set up peculiarity are during a tip of a list of reasons. To dig a littler deeper, we got an adequately versed bottom model 2011 Town & Country Touring to see if Chrysler's redesigned mainstay is doing enough to regain the place during a tip of a minivan hierarchy.
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Review: 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

By John NeffRSS feed

Posted Nov 7th 2011 11:57AM

Email ThisCommentsAddThe Discount Choice For Super Ute Shoppers

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

The thought of a super ute has always been a funny one. Of all a car types upon which to bottom a high-performance machine, one which was originally intended to go off road as well as after developed in to a towering family wagons you make use of currently would not be our initial choice. And yet, time as well as again you see which automobile enthusiasts – even ones calling a shots at major automakers – will make anything go quicker as well as faster if since a chance. That's how a initial Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 was innate back in 2006, as well as Chrysler has again seen fit to request this extreme diagnosis to its best-selling SUV – despite a fact which its tiny life seemingly violates each facet of Jeep's rugged off-road image.

But a tiny segment of super utes to which a Grand Cherokee SRT8 belongs has gotten intensely rival in a past couple of years while Chrysler clawed its way out of bankruptcy. Sport utility vehicles from BMW, Porsche as well as Mercedes-Benz have spawned unholy super utes with sufficient horsepower to embarrass supercars from only a couple of years ago.

The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 doesn't fool around by German rules, though. Despite its well-timed redesign which gives SRT guys as well as gals an opportunity to leapfrog their rivals, they instead practiced restraint, ignored winning a war upon paper as well as upgraded their entrance in a areas requested many by their customers.
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Spy Shots: Next Ford Mustang GT will channel GT500

Next Ford Mustang GT will channel GT500

By John NeffRSS feed

Posted November 4th 2011 12:45PM

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After decades of winning a hack car sales charts, a Ford Mustang has eventually met its match in a ultimate Chevrolet Camaro. Naturally, this high-profile segment, is one which Ford is loathe to concede. After being infused with utterly brand brand new engines in 2011, a Mustang will shortly receive a visible refreshening which aligns this horse's looks even some-more with a range-topping Shelby GT500 model.

Our spy photographers have snapped a Mustang GT prototype with only a skinny layer of 3M vinyl hiding a changes. Up front, you can obviously see a GT500's influence in this Mustang prototype's extending grille. Also note which a coupe has dropped a Mustang GT's circular, grille-mounted foglamps, as good as swapped out its galloping horse badge for a brand brand new trademark that's been changed from a center of a grille to a side. Even a lower air money coming in is shaped like an open smile, only like on a current GT500. And, is which a splitter you see hanging off a car's chin?

We can additionally see code brand brand new projector beam headlights up front with a little LED tech buried within, as well as out back, a back finish gets brand brand new taillights. That back wing is additionally new, as well as a back fender has been slightly redesigned as well.

Ford obviously hopes to impregnate a Mustang GT with a GT500's assertive looks, as well as these spy shots uncover they're on-track to do only that. Will it be sufficient to boost sales above a Camaro? We'll see. The some-more interesting subject is once a Mustang GT looks like a GT500, what will Ford do with its most powerful hack car? With a impending attainment of a 580-horsepower Camaro ZL1, we're sure Ford's got something planned.
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Official: Peugeot tackles supermini market with new 208 [w/video]

Peugeot tackles supermini marketplace with brand new 208 [w/video]

By Noah JosephRSS feed

Posted November 2nd 2011 12:30PM

Email ThisCommentsAdd2012 Peugeot 208 three-door

Superminis are large commercial operation for European automakers, as well as Peugeot has just expelled a ultimate storm in a form of a brand new 208.

Available in both three- as well as five-door body-styles, a 208 represents a finish renovate of a French carmaker's core model. Its wheelbase is a same as a 207 it replaces, though whilst altogether exterior measure have shrunken, Peugeot says interior volume has increased.

Meanwhile, weight has decreased, as well as a brand new 208 operation is motivated by a pair of 1.0- as well as 1.2-liter gasoline engines with about 75 as well as 100 horsepower, respectively, written to replace a 207's 1.4 as well as 1.6 models, with a operation of five motor fuel engines interconnected with stop-start ignition as well as hybrid assist upon most models to lapse well-developed fuel manage to buy as well as emissions figures.

The brand new Pug operation is certainly distinctively styled, particularly a three-door shown above, with a sculpted doors as well as surprising chrome trim develop at a rear of a windowline (a diagnosis not shown upon a family-oriented five-door). The interior is no less interesting, with surprising ambient lighting elements upon select models as well as a premium-look dashboard.

Peugeot is additionally approaching to hurl out a 208 GTI formed upon a three-door that promises to channel most of a beloved 205 GTI hot hatch's sporting characteristics in a brand new form. That may still be a year away, though for now, you can check out a standard models in a high-res image gallery as well as a press release as well as video after a jump.
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