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Aurora Racing preps GT1-spec Alpina B6

Alpina B6 GT1

What we see above is a BMW 6 Series - but just barely. Since withdrawal Munich, it's been transformed in to a B6 by Alpina, then in to a race-spec B6 GT3, and is now in a process of being converted to top-tier GT1 spec by yet an additional company, Aurora Racing Designs.

The motorsport regard is a corner bid by former McLaren engineer Nicholas Galbraith and former Alpina racing designer Andreas Puschel. Together they're receiving a growth of a B6 GT1 off Alpina's hands so that a BMW tuner can focus a energies upon a current patron GT3 racing program. Sounds promising. We'd guess a chassis is targeted to join various Le Mans Series grids and a brand new FIA GT1 World Championship in time for subsequent season. BMW racing fans should stay tuned for more.