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Video: Motorcyclist runs from Bridge to Gantry in 7:26 blast around the Nurburgring

We've seen most cars take upon Germany's famed Nürburgring, as well as it seems that automakers a universe over enjoy regulating a Green Hell as a torturous test bed for new products. Drivers try to plunge into thirteen miles as well as 154 corners as quickly as possible. Cracking a 10-minute symbol means you're not wholly ham fisted. Want to go even faster? Things start to get exponentially more difficult, though a world's fastest production sports cars run in a low- to mid-seven-minute range.

on-board camera nurburgring runHow do a two-wheeled folk smoke-stack up?

Not as well it seems, thanks in partial to a rough surface as well as sundry paving materials. That doesn't mean motorcyclists can't lay down considerable path times, as well as one unknown person in particular motionless to see only how fast they could go.

Despite a traffic upon a road, this learned supplement ripped off a rsther than considerable path time. Starting a time during a bridge, a time was stopped during a gantry only 7 minutes as well as 26 seconds later. Click past a jump to check out a video.