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Tom Cruise test drives F1 car at Willow Springs

"I'm not a doctor, but we play a single upon television." If which line sounds familiar from aged radio commercials featuring soap opera stars in white coats, bear in thoughts which a thesis extends far over a records of feign medicine. People get churned up between actors as well as a characters they play all a time.

Tom Cruise, for example, has driven all sorts of vehicles upon a silver screen, from cars to motorbikes to speed boats, often pulling off perceptibly believable stunts as well as feats in a process. But how most of which comes down to camera cunning as well as special effects, as well as how most can be chalked up to tangible driving talent?

We got a pretty good answer when Cole Trickle himself set a path record (however short-lived) upon Britain's Top Gear, but Cruise wasn't about to stop there. So while David Coulthard as well as a Red Bull demonstration group were Stateside for a show in Texas, they met a Hollywood mega-star out in Southern California to let him try his hand during driving an Formula One car.

The seven-hour exam during Willow Springs started in a road car, where Coulthard as well as Cruise gathering a 2.5-mile lane to get a feeling for a blueprint before a Mission: Impossible star climbed into a F1 automobile for 24 laps. At a end of a day, Cruise managed a tip speed of 181 miles per hour – just 4 mph off of DC's trap speed – while scrubbing 11 seconds off his initial path – a marked improvement which left Coulthard tender during Tom's skills.

Stay tuned for video footage when it's released as well as check out a central snapshots in a gallery for a closer look.

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