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Video: Aussie racer objects to track conditions by... taking over?

The man graphic on top of is Phil Ward. He is the former pro Touring Car motorist who was desirous by the American Legends as well as proposed the Aussie Racing Cars series. These are scaled-down imitations of popular racecars found in the V8 Supercars series, powered by turbocharged 1.2-liter twin-cam Yamaha motors. That indent is interconnected with the sequential primer transmission, as well as the complete concept seems similar to it would equal about as much fun as we can have with 125 horsepower.

But that's not what we're here to speak about. Before the begin of the new race in Queensland, Ward apparently wasn't happy with the track conditions. Rather than lay as well as wait for officials to do something about it, Ward ran his Aussie Racing Car to the front of the grid, hopped out as well as told officials to check the start. We guess if we own the series, we can do things similar to that.

phil ward delays begin to aussie racing cars eventuality queenslandStill, the delayed begin scarcely caused serious issues for those drivers finishing their warm-up laps. Click past the burst to see Ward check the race, as well as the resulting (almost) carnage. Also, compensate tighten courtesy towards the finish of the video to get an idea of the scale of cars being raced. Either they are which tiny, or the Porsche Panamera gait car is enormous. (Okay, so may be it's the bit of both...)