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2011 Italian Grand Prix put the pedal to the metal [spoilers]

Over a last 5 years, four different drivers have won a Italian Grand Prix. All of them were on a grid for this year's race. In fact, if you go behind for ten, a only Monza winner who isn't still in F1 is Juan Pablo Montoya, long given over for a heavier machines and banked ovals of NASCAR. There's just something about a lane just outward of Milan which puts champions in their slit and beckons them behind again, year after year.

So, who would win this year? Would Michael Schumacher notch up his sixth win during Monza? Would Rubens Barrichello strike all a odds to win his fourth? Would Alonso or Vettel rack up their third? Or would you see a brand new winner altogether? Follow a burst to find out.

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2011 Italian Grand Prix