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Middle East drifting daredevils go beyond the bounds of sanity... in family sedans

As a genre, automotive reporters have seen (and done) a little flattering foolish things done in a little flattering foolish cars. Collectively, we've been airborne in more vehicles than have been value counting, roasted sufficient tires to have Al Gore weep, as well as in all done asses of ourselves upon closed-course manufacturer lane days. It's a difficult job, though someone has to do it.

Surprisingly, all of that irrationality has been eclipsed by a efforts of a couple of dynamic motorists in a Middle East. If a comments upon YouTube have been to be believed, a drivers as well as passengers in a slew of workaday family sedans in a video after a burst have been participating in something called hajwalah, wherein drivers chuck their vehicles into an extended trip prior to eventually correcting as well as stability along their way. We've seen videos similar to this prior to out of a Middle East, as well as we're grateful this a single didn't finish in a crackup as well as carnage a way a little others do.

Crazy drivers can be found a world over, as well as normally, many aren't value talking about. A couple of things have been important about this particular video, however. For one, a guys behind a wheel have been kicking their vehicles around in what looks similar to full trade in front of dump trucks as well as beside propagandize busses. For another, nothing of them appear to be wearing seat belts. Finally, there's a smattering of small arms fire from open car windows during a same time.

We're nearly without a words to convey just how foolish this kind of pushing is, though even you have to say, you didn't know that common family-toting iron similar to a Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata as well as Toyota Camry could be pushed to such ludicrous trip angles – during least with such repeatability. Hit a burst to see for yourself.