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Review: 2012 Shelby GTS

2012 Shelby GTS

By Drew PhillipsRSS feed

Posted November 10th 2011 11:57AM

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2012 Shelby GTS

The Shelby name doesn't come cheap. Vintage Shelby Mustangs as well as Cobras can authority six or infrequently even 7 figure sums. The current Shelby offerings have been much cheaper – a GT350 is labelled around $70,000 whilst a Ford-built GT500 is a small less costly with a bottom cost just reduced of $50,000 – although we still wouldn't cruise them receptive to a normal guy with a mortgage as well as 2.5 kids.

Shelby sees which as a problem. The majority of a customers have been a people who craved a GT500 or Cobra behind when they were kids in a 1960s. Those customers have been removing older, as well as similar to most other automakers, Shelby has motionless to strech out to younger buyers. At a New York Auto Show earlier this year, Shelby announced a GTS, a new indication written to be receptive to a masses. The GTS would be available in both V6 as well as V8 form and, with a package cost of $9,995, could be had for less than $33,000 in bottom form. "It's a car which reaches a younger customer whilst acknowledging a mercantile realities of our times," said Shelby American boss John Luft during a time.

We have to wonder, though. Are younger buyers meddlesome in buying a Shelby Mustang? Will people actually buy a Shelby with a V6? We directed to find out for ourselves as well as picked up a V6 indication in Race Red with White Le Mans stripes during Shelby's facility in Gardena, CA for a week-long test.
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