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Cadillac CTS custom convertibles

Cadillac CTS Coupe
As far as we know, General Motors has no skeleton to build a automobile chronicle of a CTS Coupe. But where automakers fright to tread, a aftermarket is customarily happy jump in. High Springs, Florida-based Drop Top Customs is reportedly hard at work upon a rag-top conversion for Cadillac's new coupe, adding nonetheless another model to a operation of custom convertibles.

Cadillac CTS 

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Over a past few years, a association has especially focused upon Dodge Challengers as well as Chevrolet Camaros, but with a factory Camaro automobile about 9 months away, a CTS has a intensity to fill a gap. DTC produces all of a parts for a conversions in-house as well as many jobs cost less than $20,000. Considering a fastback styling of a CTS Coupe, we're not sure how well it will translate to a soft-top - or how it's going to affect constructional rigidity - but we're looking forward to how it turns out.