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Corvette regains Chevy branding in Europe

Corvette GS 
2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
If we take a close demeanour during any Corvette built in recent years, what we won't find anywhere upon it is a word "Chevrolet." The traditional bowtie does crop up upon a twin-flag badge, but that's all. Regardless of what pinned token it might or might not wear, a Corvette has regularly been sole as a Chevrolet in North America. Not so in Europe, where a Chevrolet code is a budget label offered re-badged Daewoos. Corvettes have been sole but any one some-more branding through Cadillac stores.

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That's all changing now, however, as a Cruze is far some-more upmarket than its predecessors and GM will soon start offered a Camaro abroad as well. With these changes, a Vette will again be branded as a Chevrolet - even if it doesn't essentially wear a word upon its bodywork.