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Flexed Fiesta: We Stop By Funkmaster Flex's Bronx Garage

Funkmaster Flex with tuned Ford Fiesta

It's 99 degrees in the Bronx. Down the street during Yankee Stadium, New York's tip baseball team is playing to packed early September crowds.  Welcome to the loss days of summer in the Big Apple.

Funkmaster Flex emporium with tuned Fiesta

We're about we rush across the Atlantic to begin Leg 2 of the Ford Fiesta World Tour 2010 in Ireland. What the enlightenment startle that should be -- from the streets of America's song as well as style capital to the remote Irish countryside.

We've brought the Fiestas to the Bronx since this is Funkmaster Flex's 'hood.  For 20 years Flex has been New York's tip DJ upon Hot 97. Two million people the week listen to him. He is also the guy the hip-hop as well as R as well as B world spin to when it comes to cars.  His friends include P Diddy as well as 50 Cent. Flex unequivocally does caterer the stars' rides. He also has furloughed car shows featuring cars belonging to the likes of Wyclef Jean as well as Missy Elliott.

Funkmaster Flex tuned Ford Fiesta peeks out

His garage in the Bronx is crammed full of lovingly restored American muscle cars. Mustangs, GTOs... we name it. Detroit's greatest as well as baddest iron is in there.

Flex has the uncover upon MTV. And as the esteem he agreed to caterer the new Ford Fiesta. Almost the entertain of the million people entered. The leader was the lady from Brooklyn.

"I'm not sure if I want to hand it over now," says Flex who specced the hot yellow Fiesta with the white stripe, white convene wheels, tanned hide seats with white piping as well as the tweaked sound complement for the esteem winner. "Nothing to arise the neighbors but great enough to have anyone inside have the great time," Flex pronounced of the upgraded stereo setup.

Flex was bowled over that we were taking the Fiesta global. "Man, the highway trip is the cool thing. But we need the little advice upon the little tunes. For the classic I'd contend the little Run DMC.  And for something new, the little Nikki Manij.  In actuality she'd love this car. She likes bright things...

"Boy I'd like to have been in Vegas with we guys. That's the place to drive as well as fool around the little great music."

Find out some-more about Funkmaster Flex as well as Ford's urban efforts during as well as

-By Jeremy Hart

Funkmaster Flex tuned Ford Fiesta interior