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Tom Brady's Car Accident is Big News

Celebrities get in automobile accidents only like everybody else. This morning, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in a automobile collision in downtown Boston today that seriously damaged his Audi S8 sedan as well as a alternative vehicle, a Mercury Villager minivan. The headlines strike ESPN's Sportscenter early this morning, as well as it most expected has a nation's fantasy football players worried.

Brady walked away seemingly unharmed, though one back newcomer in a minivan had to be discovered with a Jaws of Life as well as was taken to an area hospital. Witnesses pronounced a crash was violent enough that a receptive to advice of it woke them from a low sleep during 6:15 a.m.

Looking during early photos during a link below, it appears Bradys Audi struck a side of a Mercury. However, there have been no sum on that driver might be during fault. We additionally cant discuss it if a airbags deployed.

The Audi S8 is a 450-horsepower sports sedan with a V-10 engine. It was last offered in 2009 during a starting price of $96,200. Brady has a sponsorship deal with Audi, as well as this S8 is expected a loaner automobile from a manufacturer given it sports New Jersey tags.

Patriots QB Tom Brady takes strike in Boston automobile accident, though expected during track (Boston Globe)