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Motorcycle-on-motorcycle crash footage will make you cringe

As most as you hate to admit it, there's a reason ER staffs call motorcyclists "organ donors." Bikers as well as knee-draggers have a lot some-more to watch out for out upon a open road... as well as a lot some-more during stake if they don't. That mostly comes down to cars, trucks, pedestrians as well as even roadside obstacles. But once in a while, that approaching risk is an additional motorcyclist.

In a video after a jump, a supplement who goes (in strong tribute to a drudge in Short Circuit) by a handle Johnny5 was riding his Suzuki GSX-R sport bike upon The Snake – a notoriously curvy widen of highway nearby Los Angeles. Johnny5 was doing alright until an oncoming supplement low-sided it as well as skidded straight in to him.

Fortunately, Johnny5 was reportedly alright after a crash, but his bike was a sum write-off. Follow a burst for a cringe-worthy footage.