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Subaru WRX... official escape vehicle of the zombie apocalypse?

What's some-more fun than using by a five-kilometer barrier march in a woods? Running by a five-kilometer barrier march in a woods... whilst being chased by zombies!

The event is called Run For Your Lives, as well as whilst it doesn't essentially involve, we know, "real" zombies (which fortunately usually exist in movies – we think), it does a subsequent best thing. Participants pick a trail by a woods, littered with man-made obstacles, with a dwindle belt tied 'round their waists. They've got to run a distance, strike a obstacles as well as avoid loosing their "health flags" to a legions of make-believe zombies chasing after them.

The first such event is scheduled for Oct 22 in Baltimore, with some-more locations to follow. So what does this have to do with cars, we ask? Well, it's got zombies, so what some-more excuse do we need? It also happens to be sponsored by Subaru, that is office building an promotion campaign around it, billing a go-anywhere-and-fast Impreza WRX as "The central shun vehicle of a Zombie Apocalypse".

Cute, but when pull comes to shove, there substantially aren't many vehicles we'd take over a WRX if we were, we know, essentially being chased by a brain-hungry undead. What would we pick? Share your opinion in a Comments territory below as well as follow a jump to watch a video.