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Video: Crazy hit-and-run on UK police car captured by dashcam

Police in Surrey, England had a close call recently. A driver in a BMW ran what looks to be a roadblock, striking a Volvo military automobile before coming to a stop against a traffic barrier. An military officer station during a back of a unit car was additionally struck as well as thrown as a result of a collision. Miraculously, a policeman not only appears to have escaped harm, it would appear he essentially had a presence of thoughts to aspire to a fleeing driver on foot. According to a Associated Press, a perpetrator was later apprehended after a short chase. There's no word on exactly how far under a local penitentiary they plan on burying a guy.

The clip is a great e.g. of only how dangerous bland military work can be, especially when indeterminate drivers are involved. Hit a burst to check out a remarkable dashcam video for yourself... as well as recollect to give your local law coercion some space subsequent time you see them on a side of a road.