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Woodward: Woodward 2011: Muscle cars light the fires at the Dream Cruise

Let there be no doubt: Classic American flesh cars have been a bread as well as butter of a Woodward Dream Cruise. And why not? These machines hearken behind to a time when horsepower was king, nameplates similar to Mustang, Camaro, GTO as well as Charger first proposed rolling off a tongue as well as Detroit was during a forefront of a automotive world.

That said, we've beheld an engaging trend over a last several years. Modern flesh is making up a more poignant portion of a festivities than ever before, a actuality we can certainly charge to a rise in quality as well as performance of today's stand of high-horsepower offerings. Naturally, you'll see copiousness of Detroit flesh from a 1960s true upon by today in this gallery from a 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise.

We'd similar to to take a moment to insist our definition of flesh cars. We're often slicing Detroit's history into dual segments: classics as well as muscle, regulating 1964, a initial year of a seminal Pontiac GTO, as a dividing line. Two seats, four seats or five; dual doors or four; complicated or selected – these have been a cars that place straight-line performance above all else... as well as we love 'em for it.

We went ahead as well as labeled each vehicle, but if we're off by a year or dual upon a little of them, we swallow ones pride in advance to all we hardcore flesh car enthusiasts out there... With all that in mind, enjoy a gallery!

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