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Video: Watch the Florida Highway Patrol chase down a speeding Miami cop in his own squad car

Watch a Florida Highway Patrol follow down a speeding Miami patrolman in his own patrol car

By Jonathon RamseyRSS feed

Posted October 31st 2011 12:31PM

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You're a Miami police officer, so high-speed blasts down a main road probably aren't anything new to you. Therefore, it makes perfect clarity which when you're late to your off-duty moonlighting gig, you'd run your marked, Miami-Dade Police cruiser up to 120 miles per hour through traffic as well as do whatever it took to clock in on time, right?

For military officer Fausto Lopez, this also equates to heading an on-duty Florida Highway Patrol police military officer on a five-minute follow down a main road when she wanted to pull him over for forward driving. And given it's hard to get to work in handcuffs, you imagine Lopez didn't make it to his gig at a allocated hour.

There have been two videos of a moving situation after a jump, a first is an ABC News report, a second is priceless dash-cam footage of a pursuit. As Lopez is being cuffed, he apparently says, "Oh man, I can't believe this." He's not a only one. Lopez is apparently only been charged with a single equate of forward driving.