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Official: Peugeot tackles supermini market with new 208 [w/video]

Peugeot tackles supermini marketplace with brand new 208 [w/video]

By Noah JosephRSS feed

Posted November 2nd 2011 12:30PM

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Superminis are large commercial operation for European automakers, as well as Peugeot has just expelled a ultimate storm in a form of a brand new 208.

Available in both three- as well as five-door body-styles, a 208 represents a finish renovate of a French carmaker's core model. Its wheelbase is a same as a 207 it replaces, though whilst altogether exterior measure have shrunken, Peugeot says interior volume has increased.

Meanwhile, weight has decreased, as well as a brand new 208 operation is motivated by a pair of 1.0- as well as 1.2-liter gasoline engines with about 75 as well as 100 horsepower, respectively, written to replace a 207's 1.4 as well as 1.6 models, with a operation of five motor fuel engines interconnected with stop-start ignition as well as hybrid assist upon most models to lapse well-developed fuel manage to buy as well as emissions figures.

The brand new Pug operation is certainly distinctively styled, particularly a three-door shown above, with a sculpted doors as well as surprising chrome trim develop at a rear of a windowline (a diagnosis not shown upon a family-oriented five-door). The interior is no less interesting, with surprising ambient lighting elements upon select models as well as a premium-look dashboard.

Peugeot is additionally approaching to hurl out a 208 GTI formed upon a three-door that promises to channel most of a beloved 205 GTI hot hatch's sporting characteristics in a brand new form. That may still be a year away, though for now, you can check out a standard models in a high-res image gallery as well as a press release as well as video after a jump.
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